Our Philosophy

It's true that some people are blessed with height, quickness, and athleticism but hard work beats talent that doesn't work hard. 

Winning basketball is comprised of skills, attributes, and experience leveraging one's skills and attributes to produce advantages.

All players, even the naturally gifted, must work to improve their skills. Skills are developed via repetition of fundamental drills that establish muscle memory.

Woodland Basketball teaches the player how to practice. One hour of lessons/practice a week will only make a player incrementally better; a player putting in the work on their own, away from their coach, will improve greatly.

Players will learn basketball's fundamental skills: dribbling, passing, footwork, layups, shooting, and defense. We also teach basketball terminology, rules, and live game strategy.

Truth be told, kids are terrible at basketball, not because they don't want to be good or because they aren't physically gifted, but because no one has ever taught them the fundamentals. After playing and coaching for 30+ years, it's easy for me to instantaneously identify your child's weaknesses and focus my coaching on the skills that will help them improve as quickly as possible.

Coach Scott's adages:

Practice makes better (not perfect). Perfection is unattainable. Mistakes are part of the game.

Regardless of our experience, skill level, or physical gifts, we can always control our effort and attitude.

What we do on one side, we do on the other.

It's only hard until you're good at it, then it's easy! 

Don't play at the pace of the game, play the game at your pace.

Champions don't make excuses.

Love and respect the game and it will bring great joy to your life!